Monday, February 16, 2015

A New Take on Sales from CEO Derek Fisher

Whether you like it or not, sales is everywhere.

If you want someone to adopt your idea, take your advice, buy your product, or hire you, make no mistake you are selling.  Why not become great at it?

Mastering the ability to make ‘offers’ and create associated commitments affects your ability to have more impact with less struggle and get things done.  Which means a better life.
Here is what we have learned and advocate:

Sales is not smarmy, cheesy, or inauthentic.  
Relationships are based on connection and likeability. 
How to differentiate yourself as well as your product or idea.
Adapting our relationship selling style to their personal style.  
Identifying client needs and ‘what’s in it for them’. 
Consider how people prefer to receive information. 
Enter the conversation with a specific goal in mind. 
LISTEN. Ask questions and really listen to the answers.  
Identify our key customers and serve them better than anyone else. 
Provide relentless, value based attention. 
Determine what we need to become absolutely excellent at doing what we love to do.
The limits to becoming truly excellent at sales are usually our own inner attitudes. 
Go back more than once.  
Great (sales) managers coach their people to become great at sales.

We learned this and we’re sharing it with our team.  We have an absolute blast while we’re doing this.  All we ask of our employees is that they bring their “A” game, because we’re going to be bringing ours.

- Derek Fisher, CEO 

Monday, December 15, 2014

5 Reasons Optimists Make Better Leaders

SilverFern is fortunate to be part of an industry that is growing rather than downsizing.  Our results and client satisfaction with 100% ROI allows us to not only work with great clients, but also to be selective in our hiring process.  We provide these clients with positive results, and the way we do that is by building the foundation of our company, our sales and marketing team, with positive-minded and motivated people.  This article published on shows why including optimists in a company's onboarding process will not only set your organization up for success, but will also create like-minded leaders that will advance as the company continues to grow.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Associate Spotlight: Jessica Blodgett

 Jessica Blodgett

Lead Account Manager

Born and Raised

Edwardsville, IL

A little bit about Jessica:  
Jessica grew up in the southern Illinois town of Edwardsville, IL with her parents and younger brother.  A musician at heart, Jessica attended the esteemed Berklee College of Music for a year before transferring to University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.  During her time as a Fighting Illini, Jessica pursued a degree in Psychology which she completed in May of 2013. 
What do people not know about you? 
Jessica is not only an accomplished musician, but she is a songbird as well! "The first job I ever held was as a piano teacher.  I can play multiple instruments with a focus on piano, guitar, and vocal performance."

Why SilverFern?
  "I wanted to move Chicago and pursue a career in the city.  I loved the idea of working for a company whose main client focuses on helping reduce the carbon footprint caused by unclean carbon emissions."

What is your Favorite Part of the Business?  
"Simply put, I love the opportunity for professional growth and being in control of my own future"
Who is your idol?
“I look up to the female entrepreneurs in my family who have opened and ran their own small businesses." 

What character traits do you admire most?
"I admire those having the ambition and courage to set high goals. I also admire those with the ability to keep an open-mind and accept the ideas and views of others"

Friday, October 17, 2014

Associate Spotlight: Dinah Pineda

Dinah Pineda
Lead Account Manager
Born and Raised
Chicago, IL

A little bit about Dinah
Chicago native, Dinah Pineda, grew up watching theatre and enjoying the musical/visual arts that this city has to offer. She feels like one of her best qualities is her work ethic, something that she learned from her mother. Growing up with a single mother, Dinah looked up to her for everything and learned the importance of working hard in order to get ahead in life. 

What do people not know about you?
“I've had multiple season passes to the Goodman Theatre and have gotten to take tours of facilities, backstage areas, and prop rooms. Fun fact: the skull that they use as a prop is in actual human skull donated by a past director!"

Why SilverFern?
“I started with this business because of the opportunity to grow. I love that this business doesn't determine your growth based on anything other than performance and hard work."

What is your Favorite Part of the Business?
“My favorite part about this business is exploring all of Chicago, even though I've been here my whole life. It's a great feeling to know that there's always something new to find!"

Who is your idol?
“My idol would be my grandmother. She is very much like my mother in the sense that she is a strong woman who supported her family. It's been incredible to have such strong female role models throughout my life."

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A little bit about Shannon Daidone

Shannon Daidone
Administrative Assistant

Shannon is a Chicago native who recently completed her Masters degree in Clinical Professional Counseling and is preparing to sit for the National Counselors Exam to obtain her license in the state of Illinois.  As a child, it was obvious she would end up in a helping field.  She would frequently bring home stray or injured animals, (despite her parent’s protests) determined to nurse them back to health until they could be set free or placed in good homes.  In Grammar school, Shannon even volunteered her time during recess to help out in the special education classrooms. Besides working as an administrative assistant with SilverFern, Shannon works as an Applied Behavioral Analyst Therapist, working specifically with children who have Autism. She loves to explore the city in her spare time feeling there is always something to discover and a new adventure to dive into.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Associate Spotlight: Joshua Dreymann

Joshua Dreymann
Acquisitions and Training Manager
Born and Raised
Northbrook, IL

A little bit about Josh
Josh attended high school in Northbrook, IL, where he always had an interest in sports. He enjoyed playing football, volleyball, wrestling, and particularly rugby. After his high school years, he decided to pursue a different career path than most other students and joined the Air Force, where he served for 4 years. 

What do people not know about you?
“I have a twin sister, I know how to speak sign language, and I am a certified massage therapist."

Why SilverFern?
“I held a few jobs since I left the Air Force and as much as I enjoyed working in those positions, I felt like I needed something that would allow me to grow more. So I looked for a position that wouldn't be just another job for me, but rather a career."

What is your Favorite Part of the Business?
“I've always enjoyed working with people and helping those individuals with anything they needed to either learn or grown with, so I honestly just love that I can advance in my career while also helping others grow as well."

What character traits do you admire?

“I've spent some time in the Air Force, as I've already mentioned, so it's easy to say that I admire integrity, honesty, and loyalty. I appreciate seeing those qualities in people, because that shows how a person is at their very core."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Associate Spotlight: Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez
Assistant Manager

Born and Raised
Born in Puerto Rico and Raised in Orlando, FL

A little bit about Jorge
As a child, Jorge fell in love with with all things Orlando; the Space Center, Disney, and the Orlando Magic. His love of his home state grew into his teen years when he decided to stay at home in order to attend the University of Florida. There, he studied History and Political Science with the plan to become a teacher after college. Right after his college graduation, he married his high school sweetheart and they decided to move to Chicago to begin their careers. Jorge and his wife love living in Chicago, but they do intend to move back to Orlando one day, where they can watch their favorite basketball team, The Orlando Magic, court-side.

What do people not know about you?
“I am actually rather shy outside of work; which is kind of funny, because our business is very people based.”

Why SilverFern?
The fact that this position, and the business itself, wasn’t the mundane office experience. I appreciate the fact that I get to speak to different people everyday and be a part of this awesome company culture.”

What is your Favorite Part of the Business?
“My favorite part is when we get together as a company outside of work hours and get a chance to learn more about one another and have fun while doing it. We’ve become more than just coworkers, we’ve become great friends and I would consider it my second family.”

Who is your idol?

“Wow, this is going to be kind of cliché, but I would have to say my momma; I witnessed her work extremely hard to provide for everyone else without even thinking about herself. She taught me how to be selfless and that’s something that I think is invaluable”